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Denim Jean Purse

I miss a TON of things about Arizona, but one of the things I don't miss is the dress code at my kids old school.  They had to wear pants year round.  And they couldn't have holes in the knees.

Every year we would reach May.  The jeans that I had bought after Christmas break were always wearing thin and who wants to buy jeans when it is 100 degrees outside.  By the time school was out we always had a dozen pairs of jeans with holes in the knees and nothing to do with them.   You can only have so many pairs of cut offs.  

I once decided I was going to save them all and make a denim quilt.  HA!  I always seem to forget that I don't really sew.

But this project I think I could pull off!  The Happy Housewife has a cute tutorial on her blog to make this cute purse out of old jeans:

So if you have a girl with some cute jeans that aren't going to make it another season, this is a cute purse for her to carry.  I think it would make a cute gift bag too!


Nancy's Notes said...

Lorie, that is adorable! You are so clever, it's just too cute!


Uska Hope said...

Muito fofa a sacola, minha filha vai amar!! Sucesso para ti!

Myrnie said...

This made me giggle, thinking of 1) the horrible "purses" I made out of jeans when I was a girl with a sewing needle, and 2) the designer "jeans print" pull ups I got a coupon for in today's mail. Seriously weird diapers :)