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Delightful Doiles

Doilies are popping up everywhere.  I already posted about them pillows and onsies and coasters and table runners.  But there just keeps being more and more cute doily ideas! Like...

A clock:

A garland:

A vase:

A cute little accent on a blue dress:

Even an entire Wedding Dress:

And that isn't even half of them!  I am sure there will be more doily posts in my future!


Janiece said...

kirk's grandma b tried to teach me to make doilies...but I never tried hard enough to learn...I wish I had.
CUTE ideas!

Stephanie R. said...

Wow that wedding dress is amazing!!!!

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

I love, love, love the vase!!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the wedding dress!!! I just might have to make myself one!!