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Crayola Party

The only thing I love more than Rainbows are Crayons:

And it is just really too sad that this would melt on my door.


christy said...

So cute, but same prob. here. Would be adorable in a classroom or playroom though!

Lorie said...

Or the winter!! ;D

Brittanie Gordon said...

I do seasonal decorating (cause I could NEVER stick with the same stuff over and over) And in Aug-Sept I do back to school.. I am SOOO going to have to attempt one of these! Thanks for Sharing :)

liz said...

I think that would be such a cool gift for a teacher!! My daughter's preschool teachers would love that!

Kelly L said...

very sweet - I would hang it somewhere in my home..

Love to you
I've Become My Mother

Maggie said...

I fell in love with crayons last year and made this:

Let me know if you want the files to make it yourself.

Katie Brown said...

how cute is that?! i'd like to hang that on my kiddo's bedroom door.