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Rainbow Party

I love colors.  Especially bright, rainbow colors.  Last night my daughter had her Kindergarten concert and each class wore a different color.  And when they got on the risers in rainbow order I about died.  I think it was my favorite part.  A little dancing rainbow!

And when I came home and found this perfect rainbow party at Tom Kat Studios I fell in love:

As if the tissue paper pom poms weren't cute enough, she added a balloon rainbow!  I must have one.  It even comes with clouds:

The cake is so cute!  I love the colorful buckets used instead of a cake stand!  And the little girl on top:

I sort of want that dress!  But it gets BETTER (if that is even possible!)  Rainbow coated Oreos:

In addition to rainbow everything else:

You can see the rest of it HERE.

I think the Oreos are my favorite.  They almost look like macaroons, but are much easier to make!  What about you?


web development said...

I'm definitely with you on the Oreos. I would have never guessed that's what it is, they look so different. Got to see how to make them for a picic.

Hildie said...

Sorry, I'm stealing this idea first.

Kelly said...

man I wish that I would have seen this when I was planning my daughters rainbow party

Unknown said...

I saw this yesterday and I so need a rainbow oreo!

Kim @
party inspiration

1 Funky Woman said...

Such great party ideas! I love the candy in the glass jars and banana Runts are my favorite!

Lorie said...

All you have to do is dip the Oreos in candy melts. I think she put sprinkles on them too, but I think they would be prettier (and yummier) without the sprinkles, but that is just a personal preference.

Jennie, are you going to invite me?

Kelly, if you ever need help finding party ideas, please shoot me an email. I usually have seen something for every theme!

Kim, you do need a rainbow Oreo! You deserve one!

Banana Runts are my favorite too!

Stephanie R. said...

I love this!! how fun!

Amy H. said...

Hey everyone thanks for the wonderful comments, it means the world to me. I did a little post to answer some questions:

Lorie you were right one the Oreos, I would have gone without sprinkles. But my daughter LOVES sprinkles, so sprinkles it was!

Amber said...

The Oreos are a fabulous idea! They are really easy and you could make them in any color, to coordinate with a shower, etc.

~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

Oh my gosh - I love this whole party! SO adorable. I keep telling my daughter that my favorite color is rainbow, and she rolls her eyes because rainbow is not A color, and because she's 13... ha. But you can't see rainbow colors and not be happy, right? In fact, I was just telling my young employees a few weeks ago that when I turn 40 they can't have an over the hill party for me, it must be an over the rainbow party :)