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Carved Crayons

How I wish I was talented enough to do this:

These fabulous little crayon people are the work of Diem Chau, who judging by these gorgeous little things has more talent in one strand of hair than I posses in my entire being!

These cute little people remind me of these wonderful little carved match figures that my husband brought home from Chile.  Sadly, I am responsible for the death of each and every one of those cute little match sculptures.  One by one I accidentally killed them all off.  I always dream that one of these days I will take my hubby back to Chile and we will find the man that carved them.

Needless to say I will not be forking out $450 to break one of these beauties.  My luck Toots would get ahold of it and use it to color one of her princess pictures.  But wow how Lou La would love this!

I think I might have to add a crayon family (one that looks like each of us) to my "if I win the lottery" wish list!

You can check out more of these amazing little guys HERE.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Those are amazing!

jess said...

That is very cute. My daughter would love these.

Lesley said...

How fantastic are those? Happy SITS day!

Brittanie Gordon said...

Those are SO cute!