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Perfect Patch for Torn Jeans

The boy always seems to get holes in his jeans just close enough to summer that I have no desire to buy new ones, but far enough away that I don't want him wearing jeans with holes every day.  And although I have found a TON of cute ways to patch up girls pants (like reverse applique) I never found anything good that would work for a boy, other than the old fashioned ugly patch.  But last night I saw a post on Tangled and True about this patch from Katie from Puju Parent:

A great worn look, but no crazy hole.  Almost looks like it was supposed to be there.  And so much better looking than the before:

If you are in need of this tutorial as much as I am, you can find it  HERE.


Computer Support Miami said...

It totally looks like it was supposed to be this way. I think I'll try to do it with my jeans, but definitely going to go through that tutorial first.

Nancy's Notes said...

Thanks, may need to send this on for for my grandson!

Noemi said...

Funny enough, I need to do this for my own jeans! Too bad I don't have a sewing machine. Oh well :)

Lorie said...

I bet you can find someone to lend you a sewing machine for the project!

Myrnie said...

I'm with "Me." I'll do this on MY jeans, looks great! :)