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On this Day in 2009: April 18th Edition

I am pretty sure I was ready for summer by this time last year.  Lots of fun Bandana party favors:

Bandanas table runner (love the napkin rings too):

I am pretty sure this idea will come in handy since I live in such a huge barbecue place now.

And something I didn't post last year, but would go perfectly with this imaginary bandana barbeque I am having in my head is a bandana pennant.  Got the idea after seeing this image from Martha:

But I need to know.  Is is spelled Bandana or Bandanna.  I have seen it both ways.  Martha prefers the double n, but Google seems to think one n is appropriate.


Kitschalicious said...

First let me just say I'm LOVIN' the favor! How cute is that! And the table runner is just as awesome!

As for the correct spelling, I'm thinking it's one of those po-ta-to / po-tah-ta things! I'm not quite sure either, but then again, I'm just one of those people who will spell/pronounce things out according to how I feel at the moment!

Jess said...

I love this! I am planning my sister's high school graduation party and she's known as a Taylor Swift type at school-- so the theme is a little bit country. I love the bright colored bandanas instead of the standard red to give it some hip flair!

Amanda said...

I LOVE Martha's picture. Hello awesome!!

*I totally always thought it was one n. Beware though, I am a BAD speller.

1 Funky Woman said...

What a fantastic favor for a party! I think I have to use that for my daughter's birthday this summer!

Hildie said...

Can I come to your imaginary bandana BBQ?