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Message in an Egg

Poppytalk has a tutorial to make these fortune cookie inspired eggs:

And I have a dozen hollowed out egg shells down stairs as we speak waiting for me to color them and tuck little notes inside.  I am so excited!

If you are interested in making some, I used a finishing nail and mallet to poke a small hole in the top end and a larger hole in the bottom.  Make sure to break away the shell and the skin from the inside of the shell.  Then just blow into the smaller hole and the egg white should come out easily and the yolk will soon follow.

Rinse them with water and let them dry

Tip:  Use older eggs.  As eggs age, the membrane around the yolk (the vitelline) weakens and will break more easily (which in this case is good...when separating eggs you want fresher eggs so that the membrane around the yolk is stronger)

**I just saw that Eddie Ross suggests using a skewer to break the yolk.  I wish I would have read that a dozen eggs ago!**


Janiece said...

what a cute idea!! I love it

Caitlin said...

I use a long needle to break the yolk, but I guess a skewer would work, too.

jamjar said...

Extremely cute idea. Take pictures of yours and post.

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

Such a cute idea!!!