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Freezer Pop Holder

What do I love about this freezer pop holder from Stephanie Lynn:

First, I absolutely know, 100% without a doubt that I can sew it!

Second, it is going to save me laundry this summer.  Why laundry?  The kids each use a dishtowel to hold their frozen yogurt (Gogurts that we put in the freezer).  Now we won't have to dirty a dish towel every time someone wants a frozen snack!

Three, I can sew that!  Oh, did I already say that?


Stephanie Lynn @Under the Table and Dreaming said...

Thanks Lori! I greatly appreciate it! These are super easy to make and I hope you kiddies like them!! Hope you have a great week! Thanks again!

Patty said...

So simple but what a great idea.

Whitney & McKayla said...

I'm so excited to make these! My daughter also empties out the towel drawer in the kitchen whenever eating frozen treats.

Millennium Housewife said...

Genius! Over to say a massive thankyou for following my blog! It really made my evening to see you up there - cheers! xx

portal de educacion said...

Why didn't I think of that? Well, never mind. Glad somebody did. And you're right, I can totally sew that.