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Cotton Candy Cupcakes and Candy Jewels

Kara's Party Ideas featured a cute carnival party.  My favorite part were the fun cotton candy cupcakes:

Not having a carnival party?  What about a princess party?  Chica and Jo have a tutorial for these fun candy jewels:

And I can't think of any jewel that a little girl would love at a party than a candy jewel!


luxury vacation rentals miami said...

The candy jewels just blew me away. Genious idea, I mean who wouldn't love to eat something this pretty?

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Cotton candy cupcakes are officially adorable.

Lorie said...

And they would be SO FUN to decorate cupcakes with! The kids could decorate their own!

And I love all things cotton candy, but those mini ones on a cupcake! ADORABLE!

Vanessa said...

So cute! The hubs and I are trying to get pregnant right now and I'm just dying to have a girl for all the precious princess stuff!!

Chica and Jo said...

Thanks for the link! We just saw the s'mores cupcakes, must try those!

web design said...

Beautiful! The cupcakes are so cute! And the jewels look so real I wouldn't dare to eat them.