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Lucky Cupcakes

These St. Patrick's Day Cupcakes from Betty Crocker fall under the 'Why didn't I think of that?" category:

Lucky charms on a cupcake!  And to be honest, if you want the easiest St. Patty's Day themed breakfast around, I am pretty sure your kiddos would be happy with a bowl of Lucky Charms.  My kids would freak out because I never let them buy it!  And not because I am against sugar cereal all the time, but when we do have it I want it to be something good like Coco Puffs!


Anonymous said...

These look so cute. I have not little ones anymore that would enjoy those. sad. I have done that transfer technique using rum or vodka of more likely I will have the nail polish remover around. A new idea how to use it though from you friend. Thanks for sharing.

LouAnneL said...

What a great idea. I do have a coupon for cereal, so maybe we'll pick some up today to get ready for cupcake making day. :-)

Delia said...

What a cute idea! YUm. I want a bowl of Lucky Charms now!