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Lovely Ruffled Lampshades

The chandeliers in my house are NOT cute.  I really need to get over the fact that we are renting.  Get over the fact that we will only be here for a year.  Get over it all and change out the ugly light fixtures so that I can have something that makes me as happy as these would:

And this too, the perfect lamp shade for Lou La's room:

You can read more about these lovelies at Lola B's.


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Ooh very pretty!

Amanda said...

I really love those shades and the chandelier too! I'll have to add that to my dream house decorations list.

Visiting from SITS!

Michelle said...

Super cute! I agree, renting sucks.

Stopping by from SITS.

Julie said...

My lampshades are super boring too! Thanks for sharing this idea I love it!

sheena said...

so so happy to have found your blog!! love it over here!

Amy @ The Mom Hood said...

I love those!

Stopping by from SITS :)

Lindsay Rudolph said...

Those are very nice! They don't look like they would be too difficult to make either. Very pretty!