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Easter Pouch

Natasha of Samster Mommy made this cute pouch to hold pacifiers:

But she calls it the Everything Pouch.  And it really can be used for Everything.  What a fun way to give Easter treats!  Or you could switch out the colors and the little bird and made it a tooth fairy pouch.  So many fun ideas.  You can get the tutorial for the pouch HERE.

And while your there, check out the tutorial for this cute faux flower box too:


Sarah Cook said...

I really love your blog. It seems like we read the same ones too! You do a great job of linking to others, but I just wish your complete posts would show up in my Google Reader. I hate that I forget to check your site regularly I have to catch up once a week by checking your site that I've bookmarked. Thanks for doing such a great job, though! :)

Delia said...

I love that faux flower box!