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Another Ruffley Camera Strap

I have been really bad about taking pictures lately.  At least with my real camera.  The real camera that cost WAY too much money not to use.  But my darn iPhone is just so convenient...but obviously NOT the same quality.

So I have decided that I am going to sew a camera strap cover for my camera.  Somehow I think this is going to motivate me to use it more.  It might work.  It might not.  But it will be PRETTY!

I am pretty sure I am going to make this ruffled camera strap that I posted about HERE:

But since I am only a so-so seamstress, I might aim for this one rom Fun to Craft:

I like the natrually disheveled look about it.  Because when mine comes out all cockeyed I won't feel so bad!  You can see the tutorial for this beauty HERE at 733..


Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

Oh, FUN!!

Katie said...

So cute! As much as I love tutorials, sometimes I would prefer a little button that just says, "Click to Order" :)

LunaMoonbeam said...

If you send the materials over here, I'm pretty sure I could make you that ruffly number up there. ;-)