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Crochet Chain

This crochet paper chain from Love Stitches is much cuter than it's paper cousin:

But I would never cut off the chains, which is sort of the purpose of the paper chain.  So now I am torn.

I guess you could make it so that the ends attach by velcro, but I don't think that would look the same.

I wonder if you could use this as a scarf?

I will stop rambling now!


Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

Oh, my goodness! Your chain reminds me so much of the paper ones we made (ad nauseum!) at my Grandma's house! Even the COLORS are exact! What a CUTE idea to crochet the same version!

Don't know what to tell you about the velcro, but I'm sure you'll work it through! You're great! Thanks for the memory jolt!

kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

this is cute!

but i was, like, 'crochet paper chain... but it's not paper...'

DUH. i'm clearly over-tired!


Amanda said...

Oh my gosh you are hilarious. I totally would think that you are supposed to cut it... but there is no way I WOULD!!

Too funny. :)

Blessings sweet girl!

Almost Always said...

very cute...perfect for a child who is learning to daughter would love to make this and then hang it up in her bedroom..she's almost 7yo..and just starting to learn to crochet...this might be the perfect summer crochet project for her. thanks so much for sharing..
i ♥ this project!

Holly Lefevre said...

It is cute...I guess velcro would work...I could never cut it!

Michelle @ Delicate Construction said...

You bring up many good points and ideas with your rambling so I say... ramble on!