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Record Cupcakes

Another cute one from Cupcaketini (and this one would be even EASIER to make than the last):

Some chocolate frosting applied with a ribbed frosting tip and a flat candy (I am thinking Necco) in the middle. My son is currently in love with the Beatles and I could easily write the name of Beatles albums on the candy with a food writer and have a pretty simple birthday cupcake for him.

Or maybe I could make them for the Grammys. Hmmmmmm.


Lakeshore Cottage Living said...

I'm trying to lose weight and you keep posting these delicious cupcakes on your blog and they keep popping up on my blog list! You have GOT to stop!!! ;)

They are lovely though...


Kacey said...

Not only are they cute but they look delish! Ryder wants a dirt bike theme for his b-day in February. Talk about a little bit of a challenge, I'm stumped so far. If you run across anything fabulous you will have to let me know. I hope the New Year is treating you well girlfriend!