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Rainbow Basket Weave Cupcake

I wouldn't eat it, but my kids would be in HEAVEN:

Cupcaketini used fruit by the foot to make this cute rainbow basket weave cupcake. What a fun birthday cupcake this would be. I am too tired to even think about whose birthday comes next though! I think it is my husband and I am pretty sure he wouldn't eat it either. So it will have to wait!


Jenny said...

Really cute idea! So you could put that on top of those food color cupcakes and it would be totally kid-riffic.

Amander said...

If I'm not mistaken I think those are Airhead Extremes, not Fruit by the Foot. And I only know that because I might have eaten a whole package of them the day after Christmas.

But I actually think they'd be super gross on cupcakes - even though they are pretty!