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Photoshop Valentine

Alissa from 24-7-365 made the CUTEST (and I really mean that) cutest Valentine's for her girls to give away last year:

You can get her tips HERE.  And now I am really sad that my front door is painted an ugly color!

Becca from Blue Cricket Designs made these CRAZY Valentine's that I know the grandparents would love to get from the kiddos:

And if you want to make your own Photoshop Valentine, HERE are some free brushes from Photoshop Support:

And Web Resources Depot has a link to a TON of heart brushes for Photoshop HERE.

I can't wait to see what you make!


Coffee with Cathy said...

What a super idea! I love Valentine's Day crafts -- there's something so sweet about working with hearts, lace and love!

Karen said...

OMG - I've been looking EVERYWHERE for those valentines at the top! I thought I had bookmarked them last year to do this year and had not. I LOVE this idea. I should have known you would have it here - you are the best at finding the great ideas - love your site!

Tricia said...

Ooh, I'm off to check out the links. Thanks Lorie. You're my hero. ♥

Heather Rose-Chase said...

Okay, you realize that since you keep mentioning how ugly your front door is that you are going to have to post a photo of it, right? Surely there is some craft, somewhere that can dress it up?

The Beach Barn said...

Funny & it