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Ornament Trees and Clusters

Mikael from Starter Home to Dream Home made a cute ornament tree to match her ornament wreath:

And instead of buying a ton of little ornaments to fill in the spaces she used some tinsel garland to give it a snowy look. (and hide the spaces). It would be a cute addition to a ornament wreath too!

And she made these clusters too:

And those are SO CUTE!!


Anonymous said...

so cute! I did a big one.. I might have to do a tiny one too!

gfs said...

oooh I love the little tree!

Amie said...

ohmygoodness these are gorgeous. If my kids didn't break them I certainly would!

Anonymous said...

Cluster is even better than the wreath! I don't have to buy quite as many ornaments. ;)

Sherrie said...

That is so cute!