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Marshmallow Dreidels

These Marshmallow Dreidels from Martha Stewart are way too cute:

They would be fun for the kids to make and give to a friend (Chanukah is only a week away!), and they would also be fun to eat while playing a game of dreidel! We taught the kids a couple of years ago and they love it. What is not to love about a game where you can win a ton of candy! (We play with candy instead of coins...but coins would be fun too!)


Neuffj said...

Oh my heck, these are adorable!
I came to tell you about our giveaway! 14 giveaways, but 34 winners total.

Amanda said...

Those are adorable Lorie. Have you seen these? Soooo cute!

Lisa said...

so cute! I'm always looking for new & unique Hanukkah ideas. Thanks!