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Ruffle Holiday Shirts

Disney from Ruffles and Stuff made these really cute shirt for fall:

And she made these cute ruffle shirts for Christmas too:

And that Christmas tree is my FAVORITE! My girls would love that shirt too!! And I think it is something I could handle...if I could sew a ruffle! I guess I better start practicing!


Katie said...

Can you imagine that tree shirt with a matching green ruffle skirt?? TOO cute!

Katie said...

PS - What first drew you to this idea...The cuteness, or the name DISNEY? (admit it! :)

Sharon@Sharon at Home said...

that would be easy to do ... if you sew. You can buy ruffles by the yard ... and just stitch on to a tshirt .... how cute

christa said...

this is too cute, doing it, calling my mom and doing it right now!

Kari said...

I'm thinking I need to get back to doing crafts . I stopped 5 years ago when I got pregnant, but the itch is coming back!

Darin said...

I made one of those Christmas tree shirts as soon as I saw the idea. Too stinkin' cute!

LunaMoonbeam said... that ruffle shirt!

Why is it so hard to find plain tee's for kids??