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Edible Cornucopia

Last year I posted about these cute sugar cone cornucopia that Aunt Jamie made a few years ago:

(runts and leaf sprinkles work REALLY well for these...and this is a picture from Family Fun because back when Aunt Jamie did this for Thanksgiving I didn't have a blog so I didn't think to take pictures!)

Well if you want to make your own edible cornucopia, but want something with a little less sugar, try this bread cornucopia from Chica and Jo that I found on One Pretty Thing:

And before you decide that you can't do this because you don't bake your own bread, they used Pilsbury French Loaf Refrigerator Dough.


Holly Days Closet said...

This is to cute I will keep this in mind when my grandbaby is older for her to make.

Kari said...

I like those and I think the little ones would be great for the kids at family dinners. They'd get so excited to get that.