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Skull Plates

So after the coffin bread bowl from the last post, I realized that I have never checked out the Halloween stuff at Woman's Day. How could I have missed that? I always read the magazine when I am at my mom's house and their cupcake editions are always some of my favorite. They make were Hello Cupcakes long before Hello Cupcake existed.

But I must not spend enough time at my mom's house in September and October. So I think I will spend today posting about fun finds at Woman's Day.

Like these fun skull plates (are you allowed to describe a skull as fun?):

You take a clear glass plate, decoupage some scary fabric to the back, and then trip it up. Very easy and you can do it with any fabric pattern! Save yourself some money and instead of buying Halloween fabric, use your kids Halloween shirt from last year.


mommynoodles said...

I personal don't like skulls as decorations.I do like skulls b/c thank "GOD" I have one! lol Anyhoo, when I just saw this my out of the box part of my skull just clicked on! lol! I need something to hold cupcakes for a Halloween party.And I could do this and then put on candlestick from the $ store.There you have it a pedestal for my cupcakes! Thanks for sharing this post!


LunaMoonbeam said... could TOTALLY do this for ANY holiday. I've just finished sewing BBJ's quilt, and I'm kind of "sewed out." ModPodge, though...oh, the ModPodge I've been turning out! LOL Love this!!

Tricia said...

To answer this question,
(are you allowed to describe a skull as fun?): My answer is Yes. Yes you can. ;)