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Halloween Party Favors

All you need are some plain wine bags and some basic craft supplies (construction paper, scissors, glue, pipe cleaners) to make these cute Hallween Party Favors from Woman's Day:

If you use larger bags the kids can decorate them and use them as trick-or-treat bags. Or if you are a mean mom like me and only let your kids trick or treat at 10 houses then this size bag would work perfectly!


Lisa Anne said...

What a great idea. I really like them!!

Lynn said...

Another mean mom! Hurray!
I used to let my kids go around the neighborhood, for the fun of it, until about age 12. But, when they got home, they had to pick out their favorite candy to a number exactly twice their age, give a couple to me, and dump the rest in the trick-or-treat bucket. The late-night teenagers got all the reject candy!