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United Steaks of America

I had to show you these pictures from Dominic Episcopo:

The project is called the United Steaks of America. This is me working on my Texas pride:

You have to go check them out. They are pretty amazing. You can see them in the food section here.

I just realized I don't really have a category for this...


the Provident Woman said...

That's awesome!

janadec9 said...

i hope you hurry up and move to my part of texas so we can be bff's--you're are sooo creative and always find the cutest stuff out there!

Roeshel said...

That's so neat!

Mandy said...

Very neat! Great to "meat" you by the way! :-)

Anonymous said...

If you're headed near DFW, check out north Dallas county in the Coppell area - lovely residential neighborhoods, beautiful homes, very close to the airport and still far enough away to be pleasant.