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Goodnight Moon

We are house hunting (actually more like neighborhood hunting at this point) in Texas and although I have about a million ideas I want to tell you about, most of them from the fun Halloween magazines I spent a small fortune on in the airport while waiting for my delayed flight, I am just too dang tired.

And wow that was a run on sentence.

So long story short (too late) I am loving Texas so far (all 5 hours of being here) but I am too tired to blog tonight. So you are getting some random posts today and possibly all week. It should be fun and interesting, but I promise I will get back to the normal regular cute stuff when I get home next week.

Until then, enjoy the randomness that occurs when I am overly tired and armed with my husbands laptop and an Iphone.

To start you off, I thought I would post some random pictures I found on my husband laptop. Obviously last October I was using his laptop to blog and saved some images:

I have no idea where these are from, but I am going to guess BHG or Martha.


Anonymous said...

Not to be all stalkery but have you said where in Texas you are moving? I'm in the DFW area.

Tricia said...

Hi Lorie.
I'm happy to hear that Texas is treating you well so far. I really need to get my fall groove and get to some of these fantastic projects you've featured. So fun!
Have a wonderful, productive, and safe week.


Flat Creek Farm said...

Those are cute! Enjoy Texas. I have to say that I miss our trips to DFW area. Son moved back here to MO last September. Good to have him back in our neck of the woods, but I miss blooming Bluebonnet in the Spring and the amazing flea markets at Canton. -Tammy

Lorie said...

Thanks ladies!!

Mandi @ Sweetly Home said...

I like the glittered stem on the pumpkin. Can't get enough cute fall decorating ideas. Hope you are having fun and good luck house hunting!

Anonymous said...

Best of luck on house-hunting! It's fun and tiring at the same time.

I'm not sure I'm ready for Halloween yet, but here it comes anyway...

Room to Inspire said...

Love the photos...the glittery stem is a great idea - good luck house hunting!