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This Kitchen Makes Me Happy

I love kitchens and dream of having some big gorgeous traditional kitchen with gorgeous cabinets and expensive counter tops, not to mention state of the art appliances. But really, I could be very very happy with this kitchen from Better Homes and Gardens:

White cabinets! Have I mentioned that I LOVE WHITE!!

A red counter top! Does ANYONE have any idea what type of counter top that is? I think I may need a red counter top!

Did you see the open shelving in the background. I know it would never look that cute in my kitchen, but I am in love with it!

And do you see the wall behind the open shelving! Chalkboard paint! Honestly the idea of chalk dust in my kitchen would freak me out in real life, but it looks pretty in a magazine pictre!

And the best part! The three glass cookie jars filled with three different types of cookies.

I think the only thing I don't love in this picture are the stools!


Love the Decor! said...

Cute kitchen!! It's one of those that just makes you smile!!

Unknown said...

I heart white cabinets, too. A lot! I love open shelving, but I'd have to try not to junk them up. I currently have this thing for concrete counters. I don't know why, but they are so cool!


Paula said...

If you hate chalk dust then check these out...

AprilG said...'s the cookies there that make me happy. You can have the cabinets.

fawndear said...

When I get the courage up I'm repainting all my cabinets and trim white - O.K. maybe cream, since there are 8 pairs of hands to dirty them up.
And those cookie jars - Makes me want to be a thief and raid them. Yummy!

House Elf said...

The counters look like Corian, from DuPont. It is a lovely Kitchen, a place you would like to spend time in!