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Pretend Makeup

Although I often pretend like I don't need makeup, that isn't what this post is about. This post is about Emily and Not So Idle Hands. And how she is my new favorite person in THE WORLD! If my husband is reading this, I am sorry. Emily gets that label today. Why? Because of this:

Now you might be thinking, why is Emily waisting her nail polish by pouring it into old makeup containers. Because she is BRILLIANT, that's why! (Can you tell I am passionate about this!!)

When the nail polish dries it is hard and won't come out. But your little girl can pretend that she is putting sparkly blue eyeshadow on. Now for Lou La who already has the real thing, this trick probably won't fly. And I don't mind, because she is really careful with it and only uses it after asking me. But Toots, who always seems to get into her sisters makeup (on mine for that matter) will now have a set of her own!

Go check out all of the fun ways she made pretend makeup here on her blog. And all of the good tips that you should know before making your own!


McVal said...

Brilliant! We used to allow my youngest daughter one makeup day a month. She used it wisely and on that day, she usually looked like a clown. I think you've just inspired my Friday posting!

Anonymous said...

what a GREAT idea!