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DIY Pelmet Boxes

Okay, until I found this post on Little Green Notebook (I actually found the link on Design Dazzle..shocker! I know! Love that blog.) I wouldn't have known what a pelmet box was. The spell check on Blogger still doesn't know what it is. But it is a really pretty valance. And Jenny has a tutorial on her blog to make these really cute ones:

out of FOAM BOARD! Another idea I am adding to the list of possibilities for the girls room!


Erin said...

Ok I think I need to do this in Weezy's room!! What do you think?

Cynthia said...

Love it! I just got some Restoration Hardware silk drapes (reg. $300- my price $60!) They're gorgeous but they NEED this kind of valance to send the look over the top. Thanks!

Jen @ said...

OMG - I couldn't believe it when I saw your post - Pelmet Boxes! I was just researching those this week! I just made new drapes for my kitchen and I really wanted to make Pelmet boxes, but in the end it seemed too complicated for little old me. O I went with something else. But I DO love them!


Mommynightowl said...

those are great. I did not know what a pelmet box was until now. but I know I wanna make one for my daughters room.

visiting from SITS

Dumb Mom said...

Stopped by from SITS to say good morning. How come I've never been here before? Now I'll have to make up for it by stalking your archives shamelessly. Don't worry, I'm not dangerous, just a little bit creepy:)!

Mommy Mac said...


Thnak you so much for following my blog. I am gonna "right back at ya!" on that! I LOVE these wondow treatments...I am actually in the process of talking with my mother-in-law about doing these in her bedroom!

Your blog is so inspiring! I look forward to reading you often!

.mac :)

McVal said...

Oh that is pretty!