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Lil Blue Boo adnt the Ribbon Top Curtains

Last week I posted about these cute little bean bags that I thought were pillows:

And I linked back to where I found the idea, but I completely neglected to link back to the actual blog with the tutorial! I actually even neglected adding the blog to my Reader, and trust me, it is a blog you need subscribe to.

The bean bag creator is Ashley from Lil Blue Boo. And she is one of those girls that is really hard to like because she is very pretty and way too talented. But the stuff on her blog is so cute that that it is worth putting away all the feeling of jealousy and spending hours on her blog pretending to be able to make everything she posts.

The first project I think I am going to tackle are these Ribbon Top Curtains:

Because I am pretty sure that every little girl who likes girly things needs ribbon top curtains in her room. And I have two of those girls.

The best part, is that she uses drapery rings for the ribbon! I think it looks much nicer than trying to tie a bow from ribbon sewn directly onto the curtains. AND you can switch the ribbon out if you want to!

Check out her tutorial for these curtains or one of her many other tutorials here. And you can even read this post where she tries to make you see past her beautiful talented self by admitting to Coca-Cola habit. And she almost had me, until I saw her perfectly mopped floors. ;D


Mandi @ Sweetly Home said...

Oh gosh these are too cute! My neice would love them. I'm hoping over to to check out the tutorial!

Ashley said...

Thanks so much! I love this post ;) Just a'd be mopping your floors all the time too if you had a 2-yr old that thinks she is Pollock and "paints" with apple juice ;) Have a great day!!!