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Empty Frames

It might be because I love (I mean really LOVE) white walls or because I really love squares, but I am in love with this picture I found on Ohdeedoh:

Is it just me? Do empty frames on a white wall make anyone else giddy?


christa said...

The first time I saw something like this it was a large empty frame and inside were several smaller frames arranged in a bunch of different ways, the wall was green (my favorite) I love the idea of it, it's unique and fun!

Kacey said...

While I love & appreciate your affection for these empty frames...I just want to ADD some color or something! LOL I like it, but it kinda looks like the person got mad at all of their friends and took their picures down. I mean, I don't know anyone who would actually do something like that...I'm just sayin'. :D


Tricia said...

Love them!

Julie said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!