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DIY Coffee Table

I often find a new blog that I love and don't have time to go through the archives. Which is a shame because most great blogs have a great history. So when I found Joanna's blog Waiting for Two, I emailed her and asked her to send me a link to her favorite projects. I figured who better to ask, right?

And she sent me this cute, funky, rustic coffee table in her living room:

I love it!! First, it is CUTE! It would look really good next to a horse gate coat rack!! Second, who doesn't need a lot of storage in their living room? And third, she made it for about $11.00. She bought some MDF and the rest are packing flats that she got for free!!

And you see those cute pillows on her couch. She made those from place mats and napkins. You can check them out here.

The round one is my favorite. I am a sucker for color:


Missy said...

Super cute. I love all the stuff you post up here.


Anonymous said...

The table is cool, but I esp looove those pillows! I'm going to keep those in mind when I hit Goodwill or yard sales.

Kacey said...

Awesome! I LOVE it! You have a knack for finding great blogs! Thanks for sharing!

Tricia said...

I adore that table! I need one! Now! ;)

P.S. The pumpkin butter~YUMMY!


Natalie said...

that coffee table is ridiculously awesome! what a fantastic idea! i love how rough it looks!