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CD Case Recipe Card Holder

I thought this idea from Real Simple was pretty clever:

They used it as a recipe card stand. What I love the most about it is that when you are done you can put it away! It doesn't take up counter space.

The only idea I think I like more for a recipe card holder is this one:

that you hang on the knob of your upper kitchen cupboards. I am going to have to figure out how to make one out of a hanger and a clothes pin!


Jennifer said...

Those are great ideas. I like the second one best though. I tend to not have a lot of counter space when baking.

Unknown said...

Very clever ideas!

Thanks for wishing my marrow recipient Bev a happy birthday. Here's the rest of the story. It's a little long, so skimming is ok!

Anonymous said...

oh those ideas are great!! haha, I have never seen those ideas before although I did get real simple in the mail today and just have not gottn to reading it yet :)

Anonymous said...

I get clips with magnets on them and stick it to the hood over my stove. Great place to view the recipe card and it doesn't get in the way!