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Cafe Shelves

Kim at Twice Remembered has a fun little feature called Make Your Monday. It is a fun blog carnival where you can link to anything you have made. Or, in my case, a fun place to check out what other people have made!

I always think I should come up with some fun blog carnival idea, but I can never come up with a catchy title! Such is life.

Anyway, one of the links on this weeks Make Your Monday was from Tracey at Beneath My Heart. See these shelves from Ballard Designs:

Traci loved them, but didn't love the $139 price tag. So, she bought some corbels, trim, and wood, and with a little paint her husband made these for her:

I think her shelves look better than the set from Ballard Designs. And that cute green pitcher doesn't hurt either.

You can check out the rest of the pictures from this project over at Beneath My Heart. But I warn you it will make you want to take a trip to Home Depot RIGHT NOW!


Hildie said...

The key phrase is :"her husband made these for her". Not going to happen at my house. It's all Jennie all the time.

Lorie said...

Ditto that. But DH and I are working on it!! ;D

Traci@ Beneath My Heart said...

Hi Lorie!
Each week when I post a project on someone else's blog, I like to visit the bloggers that leave me sweet comments. I came by to visit your blog, and I saw your post about MY blog! How cool is that?!! I am so flattered and honored. It sure does make me feel good!
I saw the first comment left by Jennie. I am sure there are many woman out there in the same situation. I am very fortunate to be married to a handy man. He is a banker by day, and a DIY man by night.
But I have to say that I could have completely have done this project by myself if I wanted.
So I have been inspired! I have decided that I am going to make one of these shelves ALL by myself and post the simple directions on my blog. Isn't that a good idea? I also thought about using the shelf as a giveaway. I am almost to 100 followers, so I was trying to think of a good giveaway. What do ya think?
Anyway, thanks for posting about my project, and thank you Jennie for inspiring me!
Blessings to you both,