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Polka Dot Shake

I tried to talk my sister-in-law into having a circus party for my niece's first birthday. No luck. But she is having a polka dot party. FUN!

So now I am on the lookout for polka dot ideas. (So if you know of any, send them my way!!)

So please excuse the excess number of polka dots. At least they aren't as scary as clowns.

See, polka dots:

Not scary at all!

image from Sweet Paul.


Dawn Parsons Smith said...

Love anything polka dots! A friend of mine just took her daughter for a polka dot pedicure!

Unknown said...

those are cute. and, i immediately thought of polka dot pedicures too. i did one for my blog

Anonymous said...

I love polka dots! What a cute birthday idea!

Melissa said...

I love the polka dots but I think I love the straws even more. I am a big straw person with my drinks. I bet there are a lot of cute ones out there that could really spice up a drink...maybe even polka dot straws. :)

Anonymous said...

I thought that Debbie of Soapy Love has a tutorial on polka dotted soap (could make cute favors), but I can't find it. Here's a pic of something sort of polka-dotty and very cool:

Lynn said...

How about fruit 'pizza' with kiwi, strawberries and banana slices? Sort of polka-dotted; you could add blueberries for color and size variety. Just a thought.

Lynn said...

I was hoping I could add a picture to my comment, but I don't see how, so I think if you click on my name it takes you to my blog. I'll put it up there.

Thanks for all your great ideas! I love following your blog!