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Perfect Tea Party Centerpiece

This is the cutest idea for a tea party centerpiece:

That is if you have another pot to actually make the tea with.  Of course, this cute idea from Rachel Ray could be used for a lot more than a tea party too.  Like an unbirthday party.

All they did was stack the teapot on top of the teacup using saucers.  And added some pretty flowers.  It can all be unstacked and put away.


kirwin said...

This is the cutest thing! My mom and I are hosting a "Kitchen Tea" for my sister this summer. It's a South African tradition -- it's like a (surprise) bridal shower that includes a drinking game for the bride only, and naughty poems that hint what the (inexpensive) gifts are.

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

That is so cute! You could go nuts with the teapot & roses theme.

Kristina P. said...

I had a teaparty last year. This would have been perfect!

Mrs Anne said...

:) Love this!

I actually have a teacup sitting on my table with flowers in it... I just bought some floral foam, soaked it and started adding flowers.

Hitting up the farmers markets for fresh flowers (usually relatively inexpensive) and some floral foam is a quick and easy way to make a lovely arrangement!