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Industrial Stools

Nothing about this stool says cute to me:

It is an Industrial Stool. This one is from Lyon Workspace Products. All Welded. Nothing about that says cute. But then I saw this on Brooklyn Limestone in Progres:

And I though...oh those are kind of cute.

And THEN she posted these from Martha:

And they are so cute! Why do I not have the ability to see the potential in an ugly industrial stool. Now I am on the lookout for ugly stools. The local school district does public auctions every once in a while and I may have to start checkig them out to see if they have any ugly stools!


Michelle, All Home and Love said...

They really do look great in the pics you found!

Anonymous said...

I'm not good at seeing potential either, which is why I sub to Martha (and previously Domino), and come to your blog, to get inspired! :)

E said...

I do love them so much more in the last couple of pictures! I also have to have someone else show me the potential in most things, I'm a copy catter I see what I like and duplicate it!

Mary Beth said...

This is why I love Martha's and other decorating magazines. They have the creative eye I don't have but I am very good at following directions!

Lynn said...

I think they would be cuter with cushions on the top. Not tied on, though. I would want to fasten them with something like car door clips, which you can get at an auto supply store. They could possibly go right through the holes in the top of the stool.