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Hand And Foot Print Flag

What a cute idea for Independence Day Decor:

Cristin at Ser.en.dip.i.ty made this flag with the hand prints and footprints of her cute little one to make this cute flag like picture. If you don't have a little one around or don't want to make the mess with hands and feet, you can use all sorts of items to stamp out the flag image. Do it yourself or let the kids go to town.

If you use a huge piece of butcher paper, cut long enough to cover your table you could even use it as a table cloth.


Steph @ AnnoyinglyDomestic said...

Oh, my boys would have so much fun doing that!

Jennie Bender said...

I made several of these and we sent them to the Fire Fighters during the post 9/11 era. I was an elementary teacher at the time.

You have to measure your sheet or paper to the dimensions of a true flag, cut off the excess of the sheet if you are using one, then divide your stripes from there, map your blue area after the stripes. I used twin sheets and cut off the end, then hemmed that raw edge. We drew the line for the base of hands (we only did hands) with a light pencil. You need lots of towels and wipes and a wide brush for paint.

Very fun project. Good memories during our country's hard times.

mylittlepatchofsunshine said...

Oh, I LOVE this idea! I think I will have to do it with my kids this year.