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Better Homes and Gardens

If you are signed up for their email newsletter, then you can just skip this post. In less of course you haven't read the email they sent out yesterday. In that case read on. Because EVERYTHING in this post comes from that email. (And I love them, but their sight can be a pain to navigate through!!)

Their flea market finds were full of really great stuff.

Like who needs a big old mirror to use gorgeous shutters!

And although I think the sheet music is odd, I love the idea of using an old frame to...well FRAME your chandelier:

Using vintage clock frames to make...something:

And old porch rail to sort mail:

And although I have seen molding used as a shelf before, when you add white pitchers I can't resist:


shellie said...

i love bhg too. but you are right they are very very difficult to navigate!

Anonymous said...

I do sub to BHG, but I agree with Shellie...I find it very hard to navigate through their website.

Jennifer Richins said...

Love the shutters and the clocks. Where would you even find vintage clocks?

Jillene said...

I LOVE the shuter idea!!

Mrs Anne said...

i have a molding shelf! and i LOVE it!

Katie said...

Ah! It really is all about catching the vision, isn't it?? If only I had a talent for catching the vision. I'm more of a see-and-copy kind of girl. But these ideas are definitely worth copying!!