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White Words on a White Wall

White words on a white wall:

Found it on My Sweet Savannah. And I love it! Is it just me?


Charmaine said...

I love it! I had a friend who painted harlequin diamonds on her wall - she used the same color all over, but used flat paint and gloss paint to make the contrast. It was gorgeous!

Lorie said...

OH! That sounds pretty! I love the flat/gloss idea.

Katie said...

You are constantly fueling my white obsession.

Problem: I decorated our place in all white - white couches, white cupboard, white bedding...BEFORE I had kids. They don't mix!!

When we move into a new place this summer, I think need to do some serious reconsidering =(

Lynn said...

I loved your comment about white stuff and kids not mixing. We bought a fixer-upper when my sons were aged 3-10. I told the contractor I wanted brown carpet and he said brown is not in fashion any more. I showed him the mud in the back yard and the garden the boys were digging up for me, and I told him I am raising kids, not carpet. He walked back in and asked "What shade of brown do you want?"
I got a lovely dark mottled shag and it lasted years!