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Melon Popsicles

I must find a triangle popsicle mold so that I can make these this summer:

Maybe even with real melons!  YUM!  


Kristina P. said...

These are so fun!

Just SO said...

What a cute idea!! I wonder where you can find the molds.

Unknown said...

those are too cute. is there a recipe to go along with them?

Thena said...

Tupperware use to have a container that would hold one slice of pie. That's the closest I can think of a mold but there wouldn't be a way to put a stick in them.
I googled it and it came right back to your blog. lol But found quite a few popsicle recipes.

Lorie said...

Thena, same here!!

Becca, I found a recipe that I am posting tomorrow! ;D

But I am still looking for the molds!!

Unknown said...

hmmm. cool. i'm looking forward to it. i hope it doesn't use chocolate chips for the seeds. i tried making a mock watermelon desert once using the chocolate chips for seeds but i thought chocolate tasted funny with watermelon. just not my taste. and, i can't think of any triangular popsicle molds but if you got it from a magazine or cookbook the shopping section might have a hint.