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Epsom Salt

Do you have this in your house:

Epsom Salt has about a million useful applications.   You can soak in it to help soothes aches and reduce swelling of sprains and bruises.
If you soak stinky feet in water and Epsom salt in helps eliminate the stink.  It can also soften up the rough skin on your feet.

Have a splinter?  Soaking it will help draw the splinter out.

Add a half teaspoon to your regular facial cleanser and exfoliate.

You can even use it to wash your hair and it removes excess oil and adds volume.

It helps green your grass, fertilize your plants.

It can even regenerate a car battery.

I swear!!

But the best use comes from Mrs. Jones:

a cheap substitute for white sand in an apothecary jar:


LunaMoonbeam said...


Although, I might be MORE interested in all those OTHER uses you mentioned! I bought Epsom Salt after my first baby was born...and never used more than 1/3 cup in the past three years.

Christie said...

Oh my goodness, I can;t believe I just found this post. We are ALWAYS looking for sand and in Alaska, white sand is REALLY hard to find. Wait 'til I tell the girls.

Kristina P. said...

Lorie, I can't find your email address on here! I was wondering if you would be willing to help me with a Photoshopping project, as I know you offered before. :)

Thrifty Decor Chick said...

I love it in the glass! I filled a HUGE apothecary jar with it in the bathroom -- it was going to cost loads of cash to fill it with salts and this turned out perfect. I'll have to do a post about it. ;) I started using it when I was pregnant and knew it did other stuff but didn't realize how much!!

HaYn Mama said...

YOu are so funny... I love Epsom salt and never thought of decorating with it! Ha!