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Chick-fil-A Toy Exchange

Did you know that if you go here:

And order one of these:

And you don't want one of these:

You can exchange it for one of these:

I just found that out yesterday and I LOVE it!  Chick-fil-A is one of my favorite places to take the kids when we are eating out(their lemonade is so yummy!)  And I love that the toys in their kids meals are usually books.  But with three kids meals, we usually get three of the same book.  They are really great about changing out the toys (their customer service is stellar) but even then there are times that you would just rather have an ice cream.

If you finish your meal and want a treat, you can bring your unopened toy to the register and they will exchange it for a small Ice Dream Cone.

We may never bring a toy home from Chick-fil-A again.


Anonymous said...

That's cool!

The Parker Family said...

Chick-fil-A is awesome! We go there at least once per week. Also, they upgrade either your drink or fries to a medium as a toy substitute. I usually get the kids meal with a medium fry for myself.

Lorie said...

Oh! I didn't know that about the Medium! Cool!

Amie said...

Yup, I DID know that...who needs all those garbage toys that break the first hour within getting them home anyway!

w said...

oh. i didn't know that! thanks!

Katie said...

We live 50 miles from a Chick fil-A.

I haven't been this sad since your post about Krispy Kreme.

Lorie said...


I think you need to move back to AZ IMMEDIATELY! (Said in my best Arnold Schwarzenegger/Kindergarten Cop voice).

Or at least come visit more!! ;D

aprilfoolwed said...

We are CFA fans too! My kids almost always get an ice cream - I love how CFA helps me to declutter!!!!! :)

Crystal said...

That ice cream cone looks delicious!