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Braided Scrap Necklace

See these cute necklaces that Ruby Ellen from Cakies made:

She made them by braiding frayed strips of fabric together.  How simple.  And it looks so cute against a white t-shirt.

A great summer craft for any girl who knows how to braid.

Here are the instructions from her site:

1. Take your scrap fabric, I cut a .5''-1'' snip and tear the rest of the fabric down for a nice frayed edge. Used 3 different fabrics for each strand.
2. Take 3 of the torn pieces and tie the ends together with a rubber band.
3. Braid the 3 pieces together and tie ends together with rubber band when done.
4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 for more strands. Remember you can make the strands any length you want, if run out of fabric, just weave more into the braid.
5. Once all the strands you want are braided, gather one end of each strand together and straight stitch together with sewing machine. Repeat for the other ends of the strands. Snip off any excess.
6. Gather ends of the necklace and sew together (snip excess) or a ribbon can be sewn at the ends to be able to tie the necklace closed, but I just sewed both ends together.
7. Voila! A nice way to make use of all your lovely scraps.


Laura Hooker said...

OMG!!!! So pretty! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Wow! So simple and so chic!

Stephenie said...

What a great idea...I just love them so much...