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Another Painting Tip

I saw this tip on Our Suburban Cottage, but it is also a trick that my mother-in-law uses.

When you are trying to decide on a paint color for the wall, buy a small amount and paint a large piece of paper like this:

(my mother-in-law uses a poster board)

That way you can move it around. See how it looks in different light, in different places. That way you are less likely to end up repainting an entire room when you decide you don't like the way it looks after the sun sets.

What painting tips do you have?


Loralee and the gang... said...

Now if more paint companies would provide Inexpensive small samples, life would be perfect!

lagirl said...

When I am preparing to paint a room in my house I go to the craft store (Hobby Lobby) and buy 5 bottles of craft paint. I buy the color I actually think I want to paint, then I buy two bottles of paint which are lighter than what I think I want, and 2 more in a darker hue, than what I think I want. I use 1/2 of each of the 5 bottles of paint to paint 5 big squares in the room, and live with the square blotches for a day or two. Then when I decide which of the colors I actually prefer, I paint the end of a wooden paint stirrer with that color and take it to the paint store. They scan it into their computer and mix the perfect shade. It costs me $5 total for the craft paint, and saves me from making a big, expensive mistake...and usually the shade I choose is not the one I at first thought I would want.

Shana said...

Wow. What a great idea! And lagirl, so awesome! I never thought to do that! Totally cost effective. Now how did y'all know I was trying to choose a paint color for my living room? Perfect timing. :D

Amy said...

Good idea!

Mary said...

I have used cardstock. lol. I grab a piece that is the color I think i want and a few more and stick em on the wall. I took my final choice with me to wal mart.

WHERE btw paint is about $10 LESS a can that anywhere else AND it is really good quality! When I told the gal mixing my next paint that she said it should be good, it is made by Sherman Williams. So there ya go.