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The Three Ring Adventure

Because of the nature of this blog, with a title like Three Ring Adventure I should be posting about something like this Big Top Bathroom from Domino:

But I am not. I am posting about his Three Ring Adventure:

A play set that would win me the title of Best Mom in the Universe from my kids. They want a play set REALLY badly. But we have yet to have the money to fork out for one of these puppies! This one is from Kids Creations an it retails at $4,995.00.

But I could win one (and you could too) by entering the giveaway at Dad Blogs.

The Boy is almost 8, and he has never had a swing set. I am worried that he will be too old for one before we finally get around to making the purchase.

Lou La is absolutely addicted to swings. When I drop her off at school she races to the playground to find an empty swing. When we are at her cousins house she plants herself in a swing and doesn't move until it is time to leave. She would be so thrilled to have a swing set of her own in her backyard.

And Toots, well she is just old enough to start to enjoy it and will be able to enjoy it for many years to come. And Lou is such a good sister that she would probably push her for me!

And luckily my Dad could help us put it together! And this think looks so great. So much sturdier than the one I had growing up!! I think my cousins and I almost tipped my old metal swing set over a time or two.

So if you are like me and would LOVE to win this for your family, head on over to Dad Blogs to enter.


Anonymous said...

I think I'll pass on entering since we don't have kids. Although my little niece would probably love it. Hmmmm.....

Lorie said...

You would be the coolest Aunt EVER! But of course the less people that enter the better my chances are, so I won't try to talk you into it! ;D

Rosana V. said...

that is awesome! thanks for the info. just started following you. feel free to check me out as well and if you like what you see...follow (and comment) away...

Lynn said...

I love that swingset. We are building a wooden one piece by piece for our grandkids for birthdays and Christmas. so far we have a bar with a baby swing, and two steering wheels. When I priced out slides, I ended up getting an inexpensive metal swingset with a slide, which I may later attach to wood. We also intend eventually to use the swings attached to wood and spread out more than the usual metal swingsets.

Anyway, there's a though--start small and do what you can.

Renee said...

I have been working on our new play gym for 2 weekends now and am worried it won't be ready in time for my kids to enjoy it. Meaning, graduate from high school. Holy cow, I'm on step 8 of 32! It will end up being a superb form of entertainment, but for now it's just a pain in my you know what.