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One Pot Garden

Last year the kids and I planted a garden. We loved it, but we didn't really get to enjoy the fruits of our labor. The neighbors cats on the other hand enjoyed quite a few veggies.

It is already going to be 90 this week and we haven't gotten around to resurrecting our Garden plot. I really think we need to build a box garden, but that isn't going to happen this year. But all hope is not lost.

I saw this on Joy the Baker:

She did a one pot garden. And not only is it pretty, but it has some great stuff in it and I think my kids would love it!

Here is what she used:

I had a very specific One Pot Garden list. If you want to play along, here’s what you’ll need

1 tomato plant (Mine is a black cherry tomato plant.. thanks Rachael!)

1 basil plant

1 marjoram plant

1 parsley plant

1 nasturtium plant

1 giant bag of Dr. Earth Organic Potting Soil

1 small bag of organic vegetable fertilizer of some sort. I used GroBetter All-Purpose Organic Fertilizer.

I stake to tie your tomato plant to as it grows

1 giant pot and saucer. Mine is about 15-inches tall and with a 15-inch diameter. I used a plastic pot because it’s much lighter and it helps keep the moisture in the soil.

You can check out more of the details on her blog. I think this might be the perfect substitute for a full fledged garden for us this year.


Kimberly Wright said...

this is what I need to do, maybe if I do this I will not kill it off

Lorie said...

And it is less work! ;D

BrnEyedGal said...

I LOVE this idea...having all my herbs and tomatoes in one place.
I used to have more time to plant a HUGE garden but not anymore!
And...I can put it right outside on my patio, Yay! :)

Gloria P. said...

Wonderful......this is something I can do "A one pot Garden"

I have been sitting here wondering how I could have a garden because we now live in a townhouse and even though we have a backyard it is shared and we have I can only put things on my deck for the most part......and I can only plant flowers out front.

We did buy one of those contraptions to plant tomatoes in for my father-in-law and it is just laying in his back yard so, I do plan to go and retrieve that this weekend because he offered it back to us.
Ok let me get back to checking this out.

Lorie said...

Gi, those upside down contraptions actually work. My husbands Grandpa has one!!

Kristie said...

It's so neat to see you planning your garden. The pot idea sounds really neat! We're probably still a month away from getting one in here with the way the weather is.

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Brilliant! We grew herbs like that last summer and it worked out very well.

Dreamer said...

Our family does container gardening works perfect except for last year.... had rubbermaid bin planters,upside down planter,and square foot garden planters-- and all was lost in the flood desaster in Iowa. Hoping to have better luck in out new house this year! I actually blogged about how im doing the container gardens this year.

Candice said...

That actually looks doable!

HollyB said...

This is the 1st year my herbs are doing good. we set up a raised garden with dripper system and all. IF they survive the AZ heat then I will try fruits and veggies again!

The Momma said...

I was just thinking I need to plant something with the kids and I think I will do something like this-so glad you posted it. Are you growing from seeds or did you get small plants from like Home Depot?

Unknown said...

when i lived in a townhouse, i had the tomato in a pot. poor thing only grew 3 tomatoes the whole summer.