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My sister-in-law found these cupcakes at Bright Ideas:

and she and her daughter used the idea to make cookies:

And she brought some to us! And I ate the M&Ms off of all of them! Okay, only off the one I gave Toots, but I wanted to eat the M&Ms off of all of them!


Charmaine said...

Yum! I am loving all the fun spring treats!

Anonymous said...


Ms. Witi said...

OK..I am totally going to make these. Finally, some thing so easy even I can do it!!!


Cupcake Dessert said...

those are so cute!!! what a great idea!

Anonymous said...

So cute!

Lisa Loo said...

I love the cute idea. I like even more the way she made it her way--sometimes I won't even try things because I know it won't look like the picture. Thnax for sharing!