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Planter Makeover

I love spring. I love the weather and the flowers and the colors. So we have to be creative in keeping the color around as long as possible. These colorful planters are a great way to do that:

image from BHG

They started as regular plain redwood planters, but got a spring face lift with some trim, paint, and legs.


Anonymous said...

So cute! Wonder if they make it in orange? I need to repot all my plants.

Tanielle said...

Oh my stinkin' cute!!!!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh! This idea is wonderful. That planter looks great!

Cindy said...

Plastic or wood? Did you paint it? I would think if you painted it then it could be orange. Don't see why not!

RootsAndWingsCo said...

I love planter boxes. They dry out so quickly where I'm from, but I still love the look of them, and the thought of having pretty things growing right next to my windows..Love it!

Alex said...

you always find the best ideas! what a GREAT blog you have!