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Lets Go Fly A Kite

Today is the first day of Spring!! I hope it feels like Spring where you are!

We celebrated a day early by spending the day at Fountain Hills.

We watched the fountain:

Fed the ducks:

It is a good thing that we brought an entire loaf of bread. Do you see all of the ducks swimming over! They just kept coming! They decided they were opening a duck restaurant.

Hubby took pictures with his Iphone and played with all the features:

Ruby posed for pictures, but it just looks like she is picking a snuggie:

And we played. Soccer and baseball and catch. And we had a picnic. And we blew bubbles. And we acted silly:

And we had a great day.

The only thing we didn't get to do was fly kites. No wind. So we will have to save that for another day. If you are lucky enough to have some good kite flying weather today, here are some instructions I found at Home Made Simple to make your own kite. I always feel like a better mom after flying kites.

Happy Spring!!!


Mrs. L said...

Oh what lovely pictures!

Dawn Parsons Smith said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I used to live in Fountain Hills!!!! My in-laws still live there.

Are you in the valley? We are down in Tucson! Do they still turn the fountain green for St. Patty's day?

Devri said...

How fun.. What a great time with your loved ones.. And your kids are too cute!

Lorie said...

Bee, they do! There was still a little green in it when we were there!

Lida said...

Looks like you and your family had a great day, awesome pictures!

Anonymous said...

Your kids are so adorable!

Just SO said...

It looks like a great day! We have kites and tried to fly them the other day not enough wind. Then a couple of days with lovely wind but no time. I will fly a kite this Spring. I will!

That Girl said...

beautiful pictures and I love the fountain!

Lorie said...

SO, I hope you do! Last year I finally left them in the car so that when we were out running errands and the weather was perfect they would be ready for us to stop at the park and fly them!!

The Momma said...

What cute kids! Your daughter is going to be a knockout. It is kind of like looking at a blonde version of you:)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Great pictures!

Katie said...

Heavenly pictures...Beautiful kids enjoying a beautiful day. The best moments in life!